Yuma Lettuce Days Festival March 1-2

    We had a fantastic time talking to folks at the Yuma Lettuce Days Festival the first weekend of March.            On Saturday we  introduced Lollipops (Kale Sprouts) to hundreds of attendees at the festival.           Click below for the recipes. Citrus Lollipos with Toasted Pecans…

Yuma Lettuce Days Festival

We are looking forward to the Yuma Lettuce Days Festival. We will be serving up the following recipes! If you’re in town, stop by and say hello! Just click on the recipes below.                       Frisee treviso flyer recipe Citrus Lollipos with Toasted Pecans Flyer

Dolma Anyone?

Lemon Quinoa Dolmas are beautiful and delicious. This recipe is featured in the Winter issue of Green’s Cookery and is a great appetizer to take to a party and share with friends. It also works great for lunch or as a snack.

Olive Oil Tasting

We had a DIY Olive Oil Tasting party with the help of California  Olive Oil. It works just like a wine tasting but with oil! We went through the 4 S’s: Swirl, Sniff, Slurp & Swallow. The group faves were Abequina, Millers Blend and Garlic olive oil. I love to cook with the garlic olive…

Olive Oil Tasting

This weekend we will be doing a blind taste test of olive oils. It is like a wine tasting but with oils. According to California Olive Ranch there are the “4 S’s” to an olive oil tasting: Swirl, Sniff, Slurp and Swallow.