Green’s Cookery brings Chef Stephanie Green right into your kitchen or along with you on-the-go via Joomag. Click on the link to or copy and paste it into your browser to download the free publication.

Green’s Cookery is a new, digital, seasonal magazine that serves up quick and easy recipes your family and friends will love. The magazine’s exquisite photography with easy-to-follow recipe layouts makes cooking enjoyable and eating delectable.

We also highlight tips & tricks and kid-friendly recipes in the “Cooks Notes” in each issue.

In each issue: 

“World Flavor Profiles” will teach you how to take your newly discovered favorite produce items and combine them with four distinct flavor profiles taken from classic cuisines around the world and simplified into an easy to use global system of contemporary American, Asian, Mediterranean and Southwestern flavors.

The Field Guide features seasonal produce. Unleash your inner foodie and shop your local farmers market or supermarket with confidence and an adventurous sprit! Each issue explores featured fruits and vegetables and teaches you how to prepare them with the four World Flavor Profiles. Learn what’s in season, how to pick the best and freshest produce and how to store each ingredient for greatest taste and usability.

Quick and Easy Recipes includes cocktails and dishes that are kid-friendly and gluten-free. Chef Stephanie even offers a special recipe for your canine companion. Every recipe includes a complete nutrition analysis. Most won’t require more than a few bowls or pans, decreasing your kitchen cleanup. Green’s Cookery recipes are sure to please even the pickiest eater. Chef Stephanie’s approach even nudges meat-and-potatoes eaters into new, healthier territories.

Articles on where your food is grown / produced and the people that make it happen will be featured. From agri-tourism, restaurants to try, and guest chef interviews our features department has you covered. With writers across the country, and around the globe, we strive to keep you apprised of trends and health issues. There’s always something new to learn, see or do!

Food Etiquette from how to eat with your fingers to setting a perfect table our food etiquette section covers everything you were afraid to ask about –and more. The etiquette lessons will be perfect for introducing kids to food manners and as a tune-up for all of us who have forgotten those lessons mom taught us.

Food Travels will keep you close-to-home and on adventures around the world. If you love soaking up flavors while traveling and learning how cultures use seasonal foods, you’ll love this section. Be transported to global kitchens from the comfort of your own home. Be inspired by the creativeness of foodies in our global community, in our neighborhood and across the country. 

Culinary Conundrum answers the never-ending debates, myths and wives-tails surrounding our culinary world and answers questions about using unusual and interesting ingredients. Send us your culinary conundrums and we’ll answer them once and for all!

Food on the Move shares our love of food trucks! Learn their specialties and know where to find them. Whether you’re road-tripping across the country or just looking to discover new favorites in your hometown, you’ll want to read Food on the Move.

Gadget Galaxy introduces you to hot new gadgets for your kitchen. What’s a keeper and what’s worth the money? Read more in this section to determine what items you can add to your personal kitchen to make your life easier and a bit more fun!

Oscar Nose Best features recipes for your canine companion. Yes, while cooking for your family, you can easily learn to keep your pet healthy with tasty treats and meals prepared in your kitchen. You might even learn how to make that one dish that your pup just can’t resist. Fun, easy and educational for kids too!

Plus, blogs, instructional videos, bonus material and more!